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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Long time no blog!

Hullo everybody, merry christmas, happy new year and all that Jazz, welcome back and apologies to all those of you who asked for there to be a celebrity bug brother...ok so that would be nobody...but there's still time!

Anyway..I am back in SWANSEA...huzzah where it is all lovely and cold and wet and full of exams! I am over 1/3 of the way through the xams (pronounced zams if you were wondering!) however la timetable is/was as follows:

Monday 16th January - 2.00pm
BI-104 Microbiology - 1hr 30mins
BI-105 Terrestrial Plants - 1hr 30mins

Friday 20th January - 9.30 am
BIB-111 Macromolecules form and function - 1hr 30mins
BIB-113 Biochemistry of Biological systems - 1hr 30mins

Wednesday 25th January - 2.00pm
GEL101 Geology - 1hr 30mins

Friday 27th January - 9.30pm
GEG103 Human Impacts - 1hr 30mins

TA DAAAA... There was also Core Skills for Biological Scientists but that is all done, finished with and passed HURRAY! (83%)

In other news... I will probably be joining my church in Swansea on February 5th (finally), my play is scarily soon and I've heard nothing from anybody on the cast, I may have found housemates for next year...um...and...the end of lost was rubbish!

No really..the end of lost...what was with that! Chris hurry up and bring me the first 12 episodes on DVD...I have withdrawal symptoms...eek and desperate housewives is coming back and will draw me in and distract me from revision....oh pants pants pants! He he...it's very difficult being a student you know!

Ok...I must go and eat lunch and return to revision and stop jabbering...back to DNA...which (by the way) was not discoverd by Watson and Crick in 1954 but was first isolated in 1869...which was a really long time ago! And the third base in every codon is called a "wobble base"...he he ...that amused me!

There we are...a totally crazy post for all of you to enjoy.
Jess x


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