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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The amazing story of my student card!

Student Cards are very important things, they are a valid form of student id, they allow you to borrow books from the library, photocopy, print and most importantlyMUST BE TAKEN TO ALL EXAMS!

As you can imagine, the loss of a student card during exam periods is a definite cause for alarm...enter me!

Earlier today I headed over to Presili to check the post. I took my student card as identification just in case somebody had sent me a parcel. Travelling back to my halls of residence (no parcel :( only bills!) I met Sarah and Claire who were on their way to buy chocolate and post a letter in Fulton House. The sun was setting sending pink streaks across the darkening sky, the air was fresh and a stroll seemed the ideal past time. We meandered down to Fulton house stopping to greet one of my cast members enroute. After posting the letter we headed upstairs across the walkway and continued up to the Level 2 shop where a chocolate bar was purchased.

As we returned to Caswell suitably refreshed from our outing I glanced down at the pile of bills in my hand, my keycard gleaming in the lamplight and the gap where my student card was not (gleaming that is! OR doing anything...quite simply...IT WAS GONE!!!).

Steps were retraced. The keycard was not in Presili, or in our post safe, or on the path, or by the post box, it had not been handed in at Fulton House, it was not on the walkway, the steps, the shop, the other steps...it was in every sense...GONE!

Suitably distressed we discussed the possible places a wandering student card might like to visit however the only place we came up with was the floor of the pub when very drunk (there are a string of lost cards hanging in JCs the Fulton House pub) and as I was a) not drunk and b) not in a pub we decided this was highly unlikely.

Sitting in my room back in Caswell I pondered what my own actions would be upon discovering a student card on the floor. I would (of course) hand in the card at a suitable place, memorise the student number and e-mail whichever student happened to be so unfortunate as to have lost said card. Could someone possibly have found my student card, handed it in and emailed in under 15 minutes? Well...no harm in checking...

"Your student card has been handed in at JCs!"

HURRAH...returned to the bosom of its owner..after only a brief trip to the pub!

He he...the fire alarm has just gone off in the residence next door...unlucky...or drat...tomorrow is wednesday..the fire alarm will be tested...eek...I hate the fire alarm.

Ok...enough blogging for one day (unless something else truely thrilling happens)...I'm off to study enzymes!

Jess x


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