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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Excitement...having just returned from Kingdom First, a brilliant evening full of fig trees and a fab re-present on worship :) I have returned home to discover that I'm in loads of articles on the web:


10:30 - 01 June 2004

The reaction was similar after another Holst rarity, Four Songs for Voice and Violin, in which soloists Jessica Ann Jenner, Lucy Bingham and Elizabeth Thompson captured the purity of the music. Later, the girls joined the Charlton Kings Choral Society in The Hymn of Jesus, an intense work which fuses Christian musical traditions with Eastern mysticism.

This was from The Citizen a paper in Cheltenham AND I am also mentioned on the JAGS website:

A specially created choir from JAGS travelled to Cheltenham at Half Term to form the semi chorus for Holst's Hymn of Jesus. We were guests of John Wright, Director of Music of All Saints’ Church, and of Charlton Kings’ Choral Society. In addition to the Hymn of Jesus the choir also sang the round from The Perfect Fool and the 4 Songs for Voice and Violin by Holst. Jessica-Ann Jenner and Lucy Bingham were the soloists and Elizabeth Thompson played the violin. The audience was full of praise for the beauty of our choral sound and for our overall contribution to a very successful concert.

All in all a very successful day :) I am famous throughout England!!!



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