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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Freshers Weeeeeek!

WOW…I’m at University. Yes, my blog is the place to be if you want to hear all the exciting news of what is happening in Swansea…and the most exciting thing is that…I FINALLY have internet access!!!!!

I had this brilliant plan that I would write a diary during my time at Uni which I could then sell for millions and never have to work again…the only thing that is stopping me is that I got bored half way through day 1…so this is the nearest I think I’ll ever get to my uni days being published (all donations gratefully received!).

Some pics of me moving in....
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I have been in Swansea for 5 WHOLE DAYS…(wow is that all??) and I think I have a funny/silly story for each of them…so I won’t tell you the boring bits just the fun!!

DAY 1 - Saturday

I had arrived in Swansea, unpacked and settled happily in to my room successfully befriending the girls on my floor by giving them hazelnut cake (HURRAY!) and had just decided to have a quick strum of la guitar to while away the hours. I sat down on my bed, flipped the catches on my case, swung open the lid to discover….AN EMPTY CASE!!!! No my friends…I am not a brilliant Air Guitar player….I am a fool who didn’t check that the guitar was actually in the case before loading it into the car!

DAY 2 – Sunday

I set off early to try and find a church, well that was easy, I found loads of Churches but lots of the services had already started… and they weren’t really tempting me! I ended up in a Church in Brynmill…full of Africans….no really there were only 7 white people in the building…and 6 of them were visitors! I know they were visitors because we were all made to stand, introduce ourselves and receive a “river of joy” – the entire congregation hugging us on at a time! The worship was amazing, loud, powerful….but sometimes in African!!! There was also the scary lady behind me who kept letting out African War Cries/Yodelling!

Don’t worry I have since found a really great church which is slightly more the style I am used to…and I went to their student lunch that same day. Thanks Na for telling me about it!

Day 3 – Monday

Monday involved a truly thrilling welcome meeting…where a thoroughly bored looking man explained to us that everything we did at uni was at the risk of a fine. The only topic that he really seemed to get animated about was FIRE ALARMS!!!
It turns out that we have very sensitive fire alarms in our building…the heat detectors in our rooms mean that if we leave the bathroom too soon after taking a shower…we set them off…oh and don’t use deodorant too near one either!!!! If you burn something in the kitchen, rather than leaving the room to escape the fumes you must barricade yourself in to avoid the risk of setting the fire alarm off! The only other thing that he seemed to think was quite exciting was telling us what would happen if we got stuck in the lift! As I said…THRILLING!

In the afternoon myself and two of my corridor mates (Claire and Joann) decided to go and test out my kite in nearby singleton park…well all was going well...(the kite actually took off a few times) when suddenly an evil kite eating tree stole my kite! After lots of tugging on strings and a vague attempt by myself to climb the tree which ended in Claire being kneed in the eye! We sent Claire to ask a group of boys if they could climb the tree for us…they were actually quite stoned so we were quite impressed when one of them actually made it into the tree! It was the stoned guy who stayed on the ground however who actually rescued our kite by pulling on one of the strings with slightly more force than we had been doing!
We had just finished untangling the kite when a nice young man called Matt came over claiming to be a bit of an expert on kites and explained we would do a lot better down on the beach and asked if we would like him to come and aid us in our kite flying attempts! Joann went back to the halls and Claire and I set off with Matt down to the beach. It was brilliant…the kite was really flying and Matt really did know what he was talking about…that was the main problem! Matt explained that the kite would fly better if we retied one of the strings so that they were exactly the same length but for some reason the knot which I had tied had looped itself through something or other so we needed to untie the string from the kite to sort it…”It’ll only take a second,” said Matt! Well about and hour later it was getting dark and it was so cold that my fingers had gone numb trying to untangle the biggest knot in the history of kite knots…we gave up and… shivering all the way…went back to halls!

Day 4 – Tuesday

I decided to take a walk down into town to visit Tescos. Despite the clear skies I decided to take my umbrella (just in case) and sure enough only 10 minutes down the road it started to rain. Grinning to myself, I whipped out my umbrella and quickly opened it (by means of a cool handy button!). The umbrella opened smoothly, turned inside out, broke in a number of places and ended up in 2 sections in my hands! As if this wasn’t bad enough, the wind was very strong and the rain was only behind me, the whole of my back was soaked but my front remained dry leaving me with half khaki half black trousers and the appearance of someone who has wet themselves!

(I got the bus back!)

Day 5 – Wednesday

HURRAH…I got enrolled and got internet…and no stupid things happened to me!! Huzzah Huzzah Huzzah!!!!

Ooooh..and here is a photo of sarah, sarah, sarah, georgina and me after our “last supper” together before uni began!
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  • Great photos!

    By Anonymous Tony, at 12:36 AM  

  • Yey for uni! Glad that you are having a great time!You seem to have done lots of exciting things already.
    I had my first lecture of the year today. Argh, my brain is rusty after the holidays.
    I will try and come and visit you at some point in the year! Or you can come see me!
    Sophie xxx

    By Blogger sophie, at 1:46 AM  

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