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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jess the floor rep strikes again!

Life as a floor rep is supposed to be simple, once a term you find out who is staying over the holidays and that's it! Well...that should be it! I returned from the Christmas break to discover the handles removed from the kitchen door, the door frame cracked and a broom propping the door open!

I discovered (through my amazing detection skills - as used in the case of the unidentified vomit) that during the holidays a fault had occured in the lock trapping a number of students inside the kitchen. Fortunately they were rescued by our residences tutor who SMASHED IN THE DOOR! I wandered down to the lovely porters to inquire about the situation and was shown not only the poor dismantled lock but also the incident report sheet - broke down door to release trapped students - satisfied that the situation was under control I went back to my revision.

Yesterday a porter came to visit, he looked at the door, looked at us and sighed (you'd think we were trouble makers!) then he disappeared again. In the evening no less than 4 fire alarms went off (we thought they might be having drills) across the campus. When there are fires on Campus we become the fire departments priority as we have high rise buildings..except the alarms were only caused by people burning sausages so their time was being wasted.

This morning I logged on to University email to find 2 emails from our lovely friend a.h.kassem (see October posts):

Dear Langland, Caswell, and Oxwich Residents,The Fire Services Department came again today to inspect the premises, to see whether it is complying with the Fire Regulations. Unfortunately they raised the same issues as last term.1_ student are not allowed to leave their room doors open even if they are inside the room.2_ kitchen doors MUST NOT BE WEDGED OPEN at all at any time.From now on any report I receive from the porters or the cleaners regarding the same issue I will be issuing fines to the responsible students, the fines will be 15 - 20 - 25 and so on. (cap locks have NOT been added in!)

This email seemed rather pointed to our humble floor the problem was however...we have no choice. I wandered down to the porters again (yay my parcel had arrived, thank you daddy) where they were in discussion with...FIRE OFFICERS!! Anyway, um...I may have mentioned our little door problem in front of them...well..ok...yes I did..but I was actually asking for a piece of rope which we could use on the door so that it was no longer being propped open. I discovered however, that a temporary handle should have been put on our door already and with a bit of a grumpy look at me (and then the fire officers (oops)) the lovely Porter promised to affix a handle this morning...hurray!!!!

Jess wins again! (and will humbly offer cake to porter)


  • Wow 3 blogs in a day! It is amazing! hehe
    I was kitchen rep last year too but nothing half as interesting as that happened to us. I never did anything from having to go to a couple of meetings during the year where we were supposed to bring up points raised by the other people in the flat. Umm...
    But well done for being such a good kitchen rep! I'm sure your flat mates really apprechiate your work! hehe
    Good luck for exams, I have them too, they are nasty :-( but they will be over soon, and then i will be off to sweden for a week. Yey!

    By Blogger sophie, at 4:10 AM  

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