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Monday, May 09, 2005


I took my friends Sarah, Sarah, Sophie and Georgina to London for a day of (almost) free events on Saturday which was such fun…here is the general idea:

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Free Swing Dance lesson at the Imperial war museum as part of the VE day celebrations. It was such fun and all got filmed for TV (although they didn’t actually show it in the end). As we were leaving the museum we stopped off to have photo’s taken with a guy dressed as an ARP amid much WW2 banter…a guy from the Sunday times took Sarah’s picture with her leaning seductively over ARP wardens shoulder wearing his helmet….he he he.

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Met up with Sarah H at the RFH where she was sat listening to the free jazz concert that was on there.

Ran across the bridge during crazy hail storm and made our way to Charing Cross to purchase lunch

2.00pm (ish)
Next we travelled to St Martin’s in the fields for 2 hilarious hours of brass rubbing, with Sarah B shouting “more shiny” every 2 minutes as Georgina and I rubbed our fingers raw. The ladies in the crypt were very nice though and congratulated us on how shiny it was (huzzah) and said we were amazing brass rubbers!!!

We travelled out into the light accompanied by an angelic chorus being rehearsed in Trafalgar Square and bought ice creams from a very nice ice cream vendor – the one opposite Charing Cross…highly recommended – and talked about trampolines, broken fingers and other such exciting stuff.

Travelled to the Science museum.

We made our way straight to the launch pad an interactive area for ..um…small(ish) people and began to press all the exciting buttons etc. While I went to watch the bubble show (so exciting…she set fire to methane bubbles!!!!) Sarah managed to beat the record for building the highest foam block tower at launch pad (16 blocks – a new record) which considering she is a physics student at Oxford and not a very small child is quite an achievement!


It was brilliant fun and all for under £10…well if you didn’t eat huge quantities of lunch and ice-cream or choose to do absolutely huge, far too shiny, brass rubbings! Um..which some of us did! :D


  • Fun, Fun, and indeed, fun

    By Blogger Chard, at 1:45 AM  

  • It was indeed much fun. Thank you for organising such a brilliant day Jess!

    By Blogger sophie, at 6:07 AM  

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