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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Yes..the excitement is building...Bug Brother Begins in less than 24hours..you'll finally get your first glimpses of the housebugs.

For all you first time viewers out there this is how it works.

Each day a new post will begin and the bugs will communicate with each other via the comments section. These comments will be anonymous so you will not know which blogger correlates to which bug.

Bugs will communicate with Bug Brother via The Diary Room. Bug Brother may also allocate housebugs secret missions during their time in the house. If you wish to know about these secret missions/ would like to hear what is said in the Diary Room (this will include weekly nominations by the bugs) you need to send an e-mail entitled updates to bugbrother@hotmail.co.uk and you will be sent information about what is said in the Diary room etc.

Each wednesday the bugs will have an opportunity to nominate 2 bugs for eviction and then you the public will vote (on this blog) for which bug you want to be evicted.

Let me know if you don't understand.

Davina x


  • The fact that people sign up for reality TV (which, let's face it, this is) scares me.

    By Blogger CJM, at 9:41 AM  

  • You are, I assume aware of 2 things.

    1) This is INTENSLY sad... more so than I could ever hope to achieve

    2) The nominations in BB take place on Mondays...

    By Blogger Chard, at 10:26 AM  

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