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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lectures and Late Night fun!

Well…..Freshers Week is nearly over (the Freshers Ball – Skool Disco is tonight) and I have begun going to lectures…some thrilling…some not! Here are a few of my favourite lines from lecturers so far this week:

“I don’t give a s**t whether you come to my lectures or not…nobody is really interested in plants anyway!”

“…falling down juice…”

“Most of you will never find your feet because you’re lying horizontal somewhere”

“For those times when you get back to your room at 3 O’clock in the morning and think…you know what I really want to do right now….read my geology text book!”

The man obsessed with fire alarms has been in touch too, with regular e-mails (at least two a day) which can’t be taken seriously. English is quite obviously not the first language here…I particularly like the non-deliberate mistake in this one:

You should not remove the restrictors on your windows as it is dangerous especially when we have drunk student trying to put their heads out of the windows. Falling to comply with this rule can result in fines to the whole flat or to the particular room depending on where about the window is.

Our corridor (well..me really) decided to find out just how seriously this guy takes his job and sent off the following deadly serious (not) e-mail about a sign that had been put up in halls. Here is the e-mail and the gracious reply!

From: JENNER J.A. Sent: 02 October 2005 20:34To: a.h.kassem Subject: Query: Floor 3 *******

A sign was put on the door of our kitchen earlier in the week about the need to clear all surfaces in time for the cleaning on Thursday, as we have been keeping our kitchen relatively clear I presume that this was put up in all flats. Should this sign be left up because it has been placed there by our housekeeper as an official notice or should we remove it as it constitutes a fire hazard by being on a door in the corridor. We don't want to be fined for having something attached to a corridor door as we would be for attaching something to our own doors.

What is the correct procedure in this case?

Jessica and Flat mates

Hi Jessica,

The sign was put on all the floors in all building as a reminder to all students to keep the kitchens relatively clean at all times. So if your kitchens is tidy then well down and please keep it like this. As the note is kept in the corridor I would mention it to the house keeper so they move it inside the kitchen and you are right it causes a fire hazard in the corridor.

Best regards


Last night we had a little gathering of all the people on our corridor to celebrate Sharmeela's birthday, we had loads of cake and crisps and biscuits!! This was NOT a party as we did not have the required party permit but merely a gathering of good friends with snacks in our kitchen! We had just finished and cleared the kitchen so that we didn't need to do it today..it was about 11.00 at night and I had just cleaned the hobs till they shined and was beginning to tackle the draining board when the hall tutor marches in. "Are you having a party?" she asks! "No," we reply rather too quickly as she looks around at our too perfectly clean kitchen and all of us standing around in the middle of the night. "Oh," she says, obviously dissapointed...and leaves! The wonders of being a student...tee he...lets hope they don't read my blog!
Loving it…right..I have to go to a lecture now…woo hoo!

Jess x

ps. Yay I also bought my dissection kit and lab specs yesterday, a hot water bottle shaped like a crocodile which matches all the stuff in my bathroom AND discovered that my lab coat is nicer than the ones everyone else was buying!!! We admired it using the full length mirror in the lift...of course nobody could use the lift for a while but whatever!


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