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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oooh what does this button do??

He he..I just pressed the BLOG THIS button on my blog to find out what it does so sorry if this is a strange post...I don't really know what will happen!

Well well well...I have been at Uni for 2 whole weeks now...that is completely mad...it feels like I only arrived yesterday...so the latest news...

LECTURES...I have already said a bit about them...they've actually been great fun although having only 4 hours sleep before an 8 hour day is not recommended...more of that later!

PRACTICALS...I had my first truely practical practical on Thursday and drew lots of plans and drawings of plant stems, roots and stuff. Wrote lots of notes...and really need to write them up! The problem is...we aren't studying flowers in the lectures...we are studying bryophytes but if we wait to be studying flowers in the lectures there won't be any alive to do practicals on! I learnt some really cool stuff though...did you know that a banana is actually a berry, so are peppers, tomatos and grapes! A cherry is atually a drupe, a pumpkin a pepo and an orange a hespiridium! Fascinating!


Oh yeah! This took place in a club (well 2 joined together really) called Time and Envy...twas a skool disco...and twas also brilliant fun. The evening started at Church where Lynne and I (in skimpy school uniform) attended Lifestyle, an event for students to welcome to NCC (New Covenant Church). We were then driven back to the Uni in time to collect the tickets we had forgotten and leap into our awaiting taxi. The evening was totally cool...lots of crazy dancing and some guest artists including Chesney Hawkes (who? I hear you cry...apparently he sings The One and Only..or something like that) and the Honeyz (sorry I really don't know who they are) during both of which we moved to the other club...which was playing brilliant music (e.g. teenage dirt bag, Song 2 and the like!). At about 1.00am I realised that I had 8 hours of lectures the next day (eek!) and as we wanted to grab a taxi before the crowds we attempted to leave...after a few more songs which we HAD to dance to..no really we did, we finally can-canned out (he he...great music) and headed to the taxi rank. Our taxi driver was great and encouraged us all to sing on the way back to the uni whilst he accompanied us on a small squeaker - for relatively sober people (2 out of 5 of us didn't drink alcohol at all that evening) our rendition of "The wheels on the bus" was truely stunning!

AND the next morning I actually made it to my 9 O'clock lecture on plants! Oh Yeah!

That is pretty much the most exciting bits of my week...although I do now FINALLY have a library card! Huzzah!


ps. Just cooked myself a curry (not a ready meal)...woo go me! :P


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