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Thursday, October 13, 2005


FIRE DRILL at 6am - EVIL!!!!!

Lecture at 9am after fire drill - REALLY EVIL!!!!!!

So yes, this morning at 6am there was a firedrill. This was totally confusing as on Wednesdays the fire alarms are always tested at 9am so I have always thought that if I wake up because of the fire alarm a) It is a wednesday and
b) I am late for my lecture!

but no...this was not the case. Apparently all the halls over these few weeks will be having these evil fire drills because apparently it is a time when everyone is actually in the halls...I wonder why!!!! I should explain that this isn't just a ridiculously loud bell ringing...this is a siren! AND in every room and corridor there is a large red spinning light to accompany said siren! Grrr!!!

The amusing thing was that lots of people there had only just come home from a night out..."Ibiza foam party!" and were sitting there chatting about how drunk they all were....ahh students! Our floor had a foam party too...with washing up liquid...it was hysterically funny..and Lynne taught us how to blow bubbles with washing up liquid using our fingers to form the O shape to blow through...huge bubbles...nothing compared to my beloved bubble sword (I showed them the photos) but still AMAZING! We were all slightly hysterical (although sober) after about half an hour lying in the corridor (FIRE HAZARDS!) poring over a map of Swansea...I have no idea why this was so funny... possibly because I was the floor rep...and I was lying on the floor. Ok...that is still really funny...he he he.

Ah well...I think I have typed quite enough...I had to do something between lectures to keep myself awake or I wouldn't have made it out of my room again!

Eeeurgh...feel rotten and sleepy :(

Jess x


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