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Thursday, February 23, 2006

So much for an early night...

I just can't go to sleep until I have mentioned the amusing events of this evening...well not really amusing...actually quite silly!

I was just hurrying from my kitchen to the Hall Group Bible Study when my jumper caught on the handle of Lynne's cupboard which ripped :( worse however...the whole door came off! Yes, they don't make things the way they used to...my jumper stronger than MDF! Shocking!

I told the porters but apparently I have to go and tell the Housekeeper tomorrow morning...and she is really scary!!! EEeeek! I sense a fine coming along! Luckily Jo saw the whole thing because who would really believe a story like that and also it wasn't my favourite jumper so that is good too!

Also today on a different random note I had a really cool practical where we looked at loads of invertebrates. I even got to cuddle a sea mouse:

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Aww...aren't they cute!

Ok, bedtime now, Jess x


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