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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sweet Voice!

So...I have just checked my posts from the past few months and realised I never told you about my 3.00am singing experiences a few months back! I had been in Preseli helping Becky with her essay on Argentina and I had my guitar with me because I had been preparing a song for a CU meeting the next evening.
As I left the building I met a young man who appeared to be slightly tipsy and who entreated me to serenade me. Sadly I couldn't sing his requested song (WonderWall) so he had to make do with one of my own compositions (Paper Dissolves in the rain). The young man and both night porters who were listening applauded wildly before allowing me (finally) to go home and to bed.

Tonight I realised that we had run out of black sacks and went down to the porters to ask for some more. The Porter was one of the same porters who had been there that morning so many weeks ago! He remembered me (blast!) and said that he was a keen singer and maybe I should come down and we could sing duets together! Suddenly I realised he was serious (!) as he burst into song (can't remember the exact song - something to do with me being his girl!). I stood in shock until he'd finished... smiling kindly (you know the smile you give to lunatics in the street!) before grabbing the bin bags and hurrying back to my flat. "Goodbye Sweet Voice!" he called out behind me!

Thank goodness it is nearly the end of term! Everyone is going crazy!


  • HAHA!! Thats really funny! (and maybe just a little bit creepy....!)
    How long have you got left to avoid him? Do you think you'll manage it?!!
    loads of love
    See you at houseparty, (if not before!) - I'm getting baptised on Sunday at Parklands in the morning service - 11 o'clock, if you wanna come - it would be great to see you! (and anyone else whose reading this and knows me!)
    Katie xx

    By Anonymous Katie, at 10:31 PM  

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