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Monday, May 29, 2006

No..really? Gullible isn't in the dictionary?

It is 00:57 and I just can't go to sleep till I have shared this evenings events with you! For the past few days Emily has been joining me in the flat for revision and in the evening we all sit around (me, Em and Jo that is) and watch the amazingness that is BIG BROTHER! Now normally I do not watch such programmes and prefer the bug alternatives (see this time last year!) BUT this year has been a whirlwind of excitement and of course...I'm supposed to be revising!

Tonight Emily came round at about 21:10 having missed 10 minutes of BB. On the spur of the moment I informed her that she'd missed the arrival of 3 new housemates knowing full well that new housemates were being introduced later on in the show! We named the housemates Trevor, Simon and Clara..here is a bit about them:

Trevor, a Goth from Newcastle arrived in the BB house in full goth gear complete with mohican by bursting out of a large wedding cake!

Simon was found hiding in one of the beds, he is very gay and was wearing a pink shirt and mascara!

Clara looks exactly like Lia, big boobed and blonde. So similiar infact that to introduce her to the house she was placed behind one of the mirrors, when Lia wandered over to admire herself the mirror drew back revealing her doppleganger!

WELL....I guess you could believe that lot of crazy stuff...I mean...it is big brother! So we sit, and we watch and suprise suprise, no sign of our 3 new housemates. They are too busy recapping the days events. Then during the live section of the show we explain simply that the new housemates have been separated from the rest of the group because they are in on the fact that new housemates are arriving and aren't allowed to give the game away. Whenever Emily looks away from the screen we pretend to have seen a glimpse of our amazing new housemates - Claire and Sarah are brought in on the joke and join in with gusto!

23:05 - BIG BROTHER'S BIG BRAIN - the phsycologists analyse the new arrivals but do not mention Clara, Trevor or Simon - Emily doesn't actually seem to notice!

00:00 - BIG BROTHER LIVE - we kept the TV on whilst continuing to revise and although I had to do quite a bit of distracting Emily has now gone back to her flat to go to bed still firmly convinced that 5 new housemates entered the BIG BROTHER house tonight!


I'll keep you posted on how long it lasts...it can only be a matter of time!


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