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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What a day!

I can't believe it...it's now 2.20 am and I am blogging...might drop off half way through!!!

I've had a really amazing and exciting day. I had organised a food and fellowship event (picnic and prayer) for all the girls from Christian Union today because of the strikes there were very few lectures going on so it seemed the ideal time. When I woke up this morning though it was pouring with rain. I tried to move it to the Chaplaincy but after waiting for an hour with no sign of any chaplains I changed my mind! The picnic was moved to the floor of our kitchen, we laid out a rug and put the daffodils in the middle and the food round them. 17 people came! It was brilliant! We all sat round the edge and ate and had fun and then we had a time of prayer and worship! Woooooo!!! I'm so excited. It was so encouraging that people are getting excited about us meeting up for fellowship and prayer.

Afterwards Claire, Emily and Becky stayed till it was time for me to head off for DELIRIOUS!!! It was the most amazing gig ever, Delirious haven't been to Wales in over 3 years and we certainly showed them what they've been missing. Everybody seemed to know the songs already and we were singing louder than the band. At one point Martin Smith couldn't get his guitar to work so he just told us to "Sing one of your songs while I sort this out"..we just kept on singing with the band on our own! They did Majesty which was outstanding and at the end the Holy Spirit came down and loads of people started singing in the spirit and in tongues. Just a brilliant night.

"If you keep your hands clean and your hearts pure, you can take this nation"

When we got back Becky and I met up with Claire and Emily again to finish off a video we've made for our Student Sunday (all the students taking over church)...and that is why at 2.30 am I am only just getting to bed...yay and we have an early morning prayer breakfast tomorrow!

The funniest bit of the evening was when we were just leaving...Emily told us to wait for her but Becky and I pretended to run away. What we actually did was just to run into the kitchen and hide under the table. The problem was that the next person to enter the kitchen was one of Claire's flat mates who got really freaked out when he could hear us whispering and then jumped a foot in the air when we popped up from beneath the table!!!

Hurray for being a student!
Love Jess x


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