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Monday, June 07, 2004

Venus and Jogging

Well, if the title hasn't put you off (which is very impressive) I will now attempt to explain it...although this is difficult as I have blobs infront of my eyes....what they say about not looking straight at the sun...good idea!

So...today, the sun and venus are doing something or other and crossing over, and this only happens like really rarely...so why do we only have to wait 8 years for the next one?? Anyway..its very important as it means we can tell how far away the sun is...if in 8 years it is closer...start panicking!!!!!!!

If you want to know the science stuff I'm sure Sarah and Bod will have thrilling details on their blogs!

A couple of days ago I became fascinated with the idea of jogging...it sounded brilliant...I could explore areas of Bromley (another strange hobby of mine.) pray and jog to a pounding rythmn...dunno the idea of jogging is just sooo cool!! Well today I started..I made it about 10 metres before I realised that I don't actually like jogging...I like walking....It is a brilliant thing to do!

I then 'jogged' all the way to shortlands, through 2 parks and ended at Bromley South in time for buying an iced finger (breakfast..mmm), persuading the nice station men to give me a metro (HUZZAH) and meeting Chris. I spent the next half hour down at CCC making tea for everyone.

Came home, finished the crossword in about 10 minutes (woo!) and have not really done anything since...Aristotle..why are you so dull!!!!!!!!

One exciting thing happened...Mrs Harper phoned me..I have been asked to sing at a concert in 2 weeks time...this time I am singing with JCS (large adult choir) and singing ALL 4 of the Holst Songs for Voice and Violin...woohoo...

if anyone has ideas for a biography...

so..here we are...I'm being requested for concerts...fame and fortune beckons!!!


Ooh..going for Chinese tonight and it is like only a month and a few weeks till SOUL IN THE CITY...and only 2 months till I am 18 (YES YES YES)...everybody has been putting birthdays down on their blogs...my birthday is going to be a turning point in my life (no really)...I'm very excited..(advanced warning 13th August - hint hint..Sarah do you know me well enough to get me a card?)


Jess x


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