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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hmm...what to say, what to say??

My father has just moaned that I haven't blogged for ages and for some reason my life has to be online for him to be satisfied...word of mouth is not enough! So...my life so far...

I am now the proud owner of 3 A-levels, 1 AS level and a place at University:
Philosophy - A
Geography - B
Biology - B
AS music - A
(oooh...its a band!) and I will be going to Swansea University in 2005.

My original reason for creating my blog was so that people could keep track of my adventures during my gap year. I guess that seeing as my first planned bit of my 'gap' starts on Monday I should share with all my avid readers what I shall be up to...a sneak preview.

September - 2005 : Volunteer work with Red Thread, a Christian Youth Organisation who work in Dulwich schools.

Early 2005 : 2 months in Madagascar with Frontier on a conservation project.

Then I have to get a job so I have money to take to Uni with me!!

Sorry, this is a short post but I am having an MSN messenger problem which needs to be solved.


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