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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm back

ooooh....aaargh I have been away for like 3 weeks and blogger has altered...what do all the pretty buttons do...oooh lets press them all and find out...ooooooooh fantastic, they remove the need to understand HTML - life is good sometimes!

So, I hear you ask...where have you been?? Actually I have been at home but my computer has been on sick leave and therefore I have not had any internet access!!!!!!!! Wow I can't believe that I have been away for so long but already I am typing in a really wierd online richard/sarah-like style AAAAAAAAARRGH!

So, for the past 2 weeks I have enjoyed the wonders of SOULIN THECITY (he he, I can do colour easily!)..I spent the first week in a park surrounded by small children dressed as a cannonball (me not the children)...it was absolutely FANTASTIC! The event was called Adventuretime and was made up of games, songs and dramas all linked to a theme about a monkey and clown attempting to find the circus. In the evenings we had praise and worship, gigs, BBQs and huge gatherings in parks. The second week was basically the same except that my day was spent up ladders painting a youth centre on Bromley Common called the Magpie Centre. On Saturday I joined thousands of christians and non-christians in Trafalgar Square worshipping God at the top of our voices - AMAZING! I got to the square 5 hours before the event and got the prime spot at the front of the stage, free dougnuts from some nice christian guys with a similiar good idea, a pile of leaflets to give out and a premier radio t-shirt (on loan) to protect my shoulders.

I would quickly like to comment on fat people...sorry big-boned people...no seriously fat! This woman turns up at the front of the crowd about 15 minutes before the event starts at pushes herself up against the railing forcing me to move to the right of my perfect position. She blocks us all from reaching our bags and moans that it is too hot and that she is too squished. The nice lady next to her suggests that she sits down whilst waiting for the event to start but no...lady says that she is 'rather large' and therefore can't actually sit down on the floor! At this point I feel some sympathy, it may not be her fault that she is large although I do wonder why she has chosen to move to the most crowded area of the square to position herself in. Then the even starts, this woman feels the need to be supported by the rail and therefore must have both arms from hand to elbow stretched out along the rail pushing even further aside and into my friends. On a regular basis nice lady (who also happened to be a nurse) has to reach to get stuff from her bag, fat lady rather than say 'excuse me' uses her rather ample behind to shove me out of the way as she moves aside...as is my custom in such situations I stay exactly where I am gripping the bar for all I'm worth to prevent toppling over!

The womans behaviour only continues to get worse and she appears to have completely lost the ability to talk to me not even a polite 'excuse me'...as I have been standing by said rail for 6 hours with only a small bottle of water and no hat I feel that I should be allowed to rest on it as well so when the woman accidently lets down her guard and moves her arms I sidle into place and place both my hands on the rail not to widely spaced but slightly entering her sphere of influence NB this was not a deliberate snub at her...this was me being tired and wanting to hold the rail...so does this lady say excuse me, does she comment that she requires more space along the rail than I am allowing her...NO...this woman picks up my hand and moves it along the rail pausing only to glare at me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After another 20 minutes of her rudeness I was on the verge of turning to her and shouting "do the words 'excuse me' mean nothing to you?" when the horrid woman walks off.

Aaahh..I feel so much better now...I'm sorry for inflicting that on you but it was just so rude and now I have told the world (well the section of it who read my blog)..so to all you people out there who have suffered similiar treatment don't stand for it. A slim person who has been standing in the sun for 6 hours giving out leaflets has more right to a rail than any woman who turns up 15 minutes before the event and does nothing but moan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know my rights!

Ho hum...that wasn't really a quick comment mostly because our lovely ickle computer decided to crash part way through! Ah well..I am so hot..in the temperature sense and my head is hurting mainly because thinking about the nasty woman has made me stressed...so I will go and drink something with lots of ice in it..possibly bena! Hurray..happy again..the wonders of a simple mind.

Farewell to you all


ps. love to my boyfriend who is in a field somewhere and a big grin to his brother..enjoy New Wine and I'll see you soon. byeeeeeeeee x


  • You didnt see me!! HAHA!!

    And i feel for you. At least i say excuse me :D

    By Blogger Chard, at 2:26 AM  

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