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Friday, July 02, 2004

The Ball

So, yesterday we went to the ball in a limo woohoo (we being 7 of us, 4 girls and 3 dates) ...it was so exciting even though I spent the whole journey with Sarah's bum in my face as she stood looking out of the sunroof and waving at people! (ah the wonders of 4 glasses of champagne). We arrived at the Paddington Hilton (he he) and I managed to fall out of the limo as someone was trading on my dress!!!

The ball itself was great fun, we had a magician, a jazz band, a DJ and lots of champagne and posh food. Wasn't too keen on the starter but the chicken and pudding were good :) I was also nominated for 2 awards...Best all round JAGS girl and most notorious event! I was very proud although I didn't actually win either of them.

Ho hum...I have to go to Chapel now, my last ever Foundation Schools Chapel Service, can't believe I'm leaving, it is so wierd...I'm gonna miss Chapel so much :( ah well...make the most of it.

Jess x

ps. Chris, you look great in a suit by the way ;) thanks for being my date x


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