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Friday, June 18, 2004

Bouncing bouncing bouncing

Woohooooooo only like 9 weeks till Soul in the City and Adventuretime and all that sort of stuff, I was out prayer walking some of the project sites this evening after a busy afternoon playing snooker and painting large flats white (not blocks of flats, like big bits of scenery ). It was so exciting, and it made me realise...for those of you who don't know me I am a very bouncy person..I've been bouncing about SITC for like a whole year, and God has known about it for ever so he must have been bouncing for like millennia!!!!!! WOO HOO!

Chris...stop laughing at me! By the way if you don't know about sitc look at Chris' blog

http://www.chrisstewart.blogspot.com for a brilliant explanation or go straight to http://www.soulinthecity.co.uk/

That is like the coolest thing!

I did my geography exam this morning (human)...it was great, I'd done 2 of the questions as practice essays so I felt very happy with my performance! Had a wierd dream the night before that I missed the exam because I was at London Zoo having breakfast (toast if you're interested) with the reptile keepers..it was really mad..but luckily I only missed 30 minute (a third) of the exam! CRAZY....don't you hate it when you dream something that is really realistic but then nobody understands what you are talking about...cos it was a dream.

Ho humm....showing signs that I should be asleep 'oh dear'



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