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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

2 down...loads to go!

So... I've done two exams (thrillsville - love saying that - bother look really sad now)my retake of AS-level Ethics yesterday and my A-level physical geography paper today...so...

Ethics - well, last year I got an E for this paper so I figure I can't do much worse can I..?? Well there was a question on an ethical theory we hadn't been taught..so I had to make that up..my theory basically doing what ever you preferred...not so good!

Physical Geography - Aaargh...I don't like physical geography and I managed to forget everything I had revised within 2 minutes of entering the room...I have no idea what I wrote...but I drew pretty pictures so who cares!

Huzzah, no more exams till Friday..thats ages away..so great!


More news...

I may be getting another brilliantly paid job (go me) working up at the US Ambassadors residence for their independance day celebrations..I'll basically be yelling at musicians and running around putting up stands..something I have done for 7 years at JAGS and not been given a penny for..and I'm gonna get like £100!

I went to my first ever hen night on Saturday (well not mine, my aunts)... we didn't get very drunk which was suprising but we did go to see Fame which was still a truely terrible production and then went for dinner. four of us ended up in McDonalds quite late at night but that was because we were slightly tipsy on free cheap champagne and the lure of McFlurries was just too great. Has anyone else noticed that the McDs near Charing Cross NEVER has any of the rolos to go in their rolo mc flurries...I'm not amused by that..I still haven't been able to try one!

Umm...so yeah, that's about it really.
Jess x


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