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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Ball

So...I'm sitting at my Dad's desk at work having just discovered that my blog is in his favourites list aawww! I am soon to go up to London to buy last minute ball stuff for Thursday. Yesterday I bought my shoes and necklace and today I need to get a bag!

The most exciting news is that a group of us are now going to the ball in...wait for it...A LIMO! Stretch (white) limo, J-shaped seating, CD player, bar and a complimentary MAGNUM of champagne woohooo!!!!

Oh the excitement, makes me very happy even after a thrilling morning of mail outs and photocopying!

I finished my A-levels last Friday but I'm still going into School almost everyday for rehearsals and stuff. I have 3 on Wednesday alone and then on thursday there are rehearsals 9-12.50!! Going to be crazy as I will have to get back to Bromley, get my hair done AND get changed and back to Dulwich for 6.00! (wish me luck!)

CONGRATULATIONS to Chris on passing his theory test!
See you all soon
Jess x


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