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Monday, January 10, 2005

JAJ in Madagascar

This is the first message received from JAJ in the southern hemisphere. Only the spellings have been changed to protect the guilty.

Greetings from Madagascar where the keyboards are laid out totally differently!!! Here`s a first update to send out about me!! I have arrived safely and made the two day journey to Tulear by bus! Madagascar is amazing, I`ve seen paddy fields, post glacial landscapes, rainforest, wide-open plains, shanty towns and the sea :) The only problem so far is that I haven`t seen my luggage!! I will find out tonight whether they have found it but may have to make do with what I can buy or borrow for the first couple of weeks until someone returns to Tulear to restock! It is very very hot out here although we`ve seen a fair bit of rain and yesterday an amazing storm on the horizon and later on top of us! The bus leaked and lots of the bags on the roof were soaked...obviously not a problem for me!! The team on my expedition seem really nice especially Puppy the dog who I met today and who will be coming with us on Weds into the forest. The area we will be in is called Gallery Forest and apparently is full of beautiful lagoons and troops of ring-tailed lemurs, they say we should seem them almost every day!


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