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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

day1 at redthread

As the title suggests today was my first day working at redthread and I had a fantastic time. I arrived in Lewisham to discover that none of the bus stops on the high street were in use as they were apparently resurfacing the roads. I saw no signs of either workers or machinery however I happily wandered around lewisham walking my bus route until I discovered a stop that was in use. It took me 90 minutes to get to Dulwich in the end.. which is lucky as that was just the amount of time I had given myself. Even with the delays I was still the first to arrive and had to loiter in the corridor waiting for someone who could open the offices.

EXCITING EVENT NO1. Jess was given a key to her office!!!

I did a lot of work today including arranging my new mug on my desk, tidying half a walk-in-cupboard, noting all the videos (over 200) that redthread own and sorting all the little metal filing things.

EXCITING EVENT NO2. Jess goes back to school

I have now finally returned all the choral music from last term which I forgot on the last day thus blemishing my previously spotless record! ah well...they still seemed pleased to see me!

Obviously this is a rather shortened version of my day but I am about to type up the names of over 200videos and want to leave myself plenty of time so that I don't get to bed too late.
Night all


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