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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Sticky foot bugs

Today was my second day at redthread and I tidied a whole cupboard the walk-in one so that you can actually walk in it! VERY EXCITING! But to talk about the sticky foot bugs...I discovered today the wonders of stationary magazines and the power of being in admin...I discovered that you can buy those cool fluffy bug things with the sticky feet and personalised ribbons for relatively cheap amounts of money! I want them!

Well I resisted the urge to buy bugs...(mark wouldn't let me!) and spent over £100 on CDs, diaries and other useful things.
After work I went to help run the third place cafe for youth in dulwich which was manic but great fun and I talked to loads of crazy people and drank milkshakes and stuff.

This evening I went to church to a Kingdom First Meal and saw lots of my good friends and discussed school and what we are going to wear to a meal tomorrow. All deeply important stuff of course.

So is it obvious that I haven't had the most exciting of days but I promise a more thrilling installment after the events of tomorrow as my stationary should have arrived!


ps.Chris said I should mention that infact redthread have almost 300 videos
pps. ALSO EXCITING my stationary comes with a free backpack!


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