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Friday, November 25, 2005

In answer to your question...

Yes I have heard back, he wasn't offended and even included a small smiley face!!!... I think that scares me more!

The view from my window!

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It looks so arty because I took it on my webcam through my window...then edited it a bit by making it darker so you can see how pretty it is...but it's real I assure you. SNOW!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Have sent apologetic e-mail to scary Professor...

...I value my life!

That's as many as Van Gogh sold in a lifetime!!

Oops...having spent 4 hours studying bacteria and another 2 in a rehearsal I think I have just done a silly thing...sent a rather cheeky e-mail to one of my professors....but he is so mean to us... and you know...he might actually have a sense of humour...!!

Oh Poo...I am going to be in a lot of trouble I can tell....lets hope he doesn't fail me on my assignment.

Possibly I will apologise.
Yes...that's a good idea!


by the way...here is the e-mail

Dear member of SOTEAS

At a School Teaching & Learning Com meeting the requirement for all student dissertations (projects), UG and Masters, to have included with them relevant safety documentation was agreed.

This means that NO project will be accepted for marking by the School unless it has bound within it (as an appendix) appropriate safety documentation.

At the VERY least this must include a Protocol Risk Assessment for the computer work involved in the generation of the dissertation itself.

Students who submit work without appropriate safety documentation will receive ZERO for their project.

Please also note that retrospective inclusion of these forms will NOT be allowed. These risk assessments must be undertaken BEFORE work commences; clearly then the forms cannot be prepared after the event.

This requirement will be enforced rigidly.

Thank you for making SOTEAS a safer place to work.

Well...what do you think?? Should we be handwriting our risk assessments of computer work?? ... he he he

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I have just realised why my father has been so frustrated by my lack of blogging...it has been nearly a month!!!

The problem is I journeyed away for 3 weeks in a row and that confused me...so a brief run down:

Weekend 1 - 27th-29th October

CU weekend away
Well well well...this was great fun...we all journeyed to Pembroke and stayed next to the castle (very exciting - I bought a bright pink quill!) for a weekend of fun, games, meetings, teaching and ..yeah more games!!!!!

So a very jolly weekend...and now everybody thinks I am a loud person...which I am beginning to think is true! I taught everybody (who didn't escape in time) the funky monkey song - huzzah!

Weekend 2 - November 4th-6th

There's no place like home

Well I couldn't talk about this one because at the time it was a secret....a cunning plan to make Victorious scream by turning up at the fireworks party. I apologise to all those who didn't get a chance to see me but i couldn't risk the secret getting out! Anyway...I came home and saw my lovelies (Chris and Sherbet...that's you ;) )and lots of fireworks and my mummy and daddy (thank you for cake)! And went to church and ...well lots of stuff...it was great!

AND I made it back in time for the JC's Quiz - we have been every week so far!

Weekend 3 - November 11th-13th

NCC (my church) Weekend Away

I travelled down early with Lydia and we did shopping for food at Tesco's with really organised lists of exact products...it was amazing...and Lydia bought us Burger King Kids Meals!!! The weekend was brilliant...God was really moving in the meetings...and the games (we do a lot of them at Uni) were truelly brilliant! The first evening we played "catch the flag" (bucket) in the dark!!!! And on the Saturday afternoon I went Gorge-walking!!! That is...walking up a river and through caves and mines and getting very very very wet and not caring when you turn blue!!! HUZZAH!

A post gorge walking knee:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And then I came back in time for the quiz and we won the picture round and the lovely prize of 2 minutes on a pump of our choice. We decided to wait and collect our prize the next weekend...

Weekend 4 - November 18th-20th

On Saturday I went for lunch with Una and Emily and Claire at 'pub on the pond' and had an amazing lunch including a "SuperMegaCurlyWurlythingy sundae" which had to be seen (and sampled) to be believed...it was as big as my head!!!!!

*skipping ahead as I need to do some work*

Quiz time: Rhian managed to pull 9 pints of Strongbow in 2 minutes...then we won the picture round again!!!! Hurray!...So look out for next weekend...when we hope to get up to 10 pints!!!!

Woo...ok that will do...oh and if you were wondering....during the weeks...I did work!!!! No really I did... ;)