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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Graduation ceremony

I am currently back in sunny Swansea for the Graduation ceremonies, I am reading the proclamation (in English) at the beginning of all 12 ceremonies. I'm currently half way through.

If you are bored you can watch me :)

Use the link below to find a page about graduations and then scroll down to the bit about the live broadcast. You can watch in Windows Media Player.

Ceremonies today are at 10, 2 and 5 and on Thursday and Friday at 10 and 2!


Thursday, July 06, 2006


Maybe I should have called this post “In even more conclusion” because I am pleased to announce that the graffiti is finally gone! Here is a diary of the events of the past week.

30 June 2006 - comment on my blog

Could you e mail at: ------ with the location of the graffiti Ben Abbotts failed to remove and I'll get it removed. Many thanks Cllr Nicholas Bennett

03 July 2006 - email

Dear Jessica-Ann

Many thanks for your email. Co-incidentally I found the location this afternoon after using your hints about it being only a few metres from the LD HQ! I photographed the scene and raised it during a supplementary to a question I had already tabled for tonight's council meeting on graffiti.

I'll keep you informed of progress.

05 July 2006 - email

Dear Jessica-Ann

I took Bob Neill, Cllr Colin Smith, the cabinet member for the environment and two of the ward councillors to see the graffiti this morning. Instructions to have it removed this afternoon have been given. I will check that the whole of the alleyway is done (previous experience of one opposite my house was not encouraging and they had to come back).

I'll take some pictures and e mail you.

Once again very many thanks for spotting this.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The people in the photo are: Bob Neill MP, Cllr Colin Smith, Cllr David Hastings and Cllr Stephen Maly

07 July 2006 - email

Dear Jessica-Ann

The graffiti has been removed and I attach a photograph taken this evening which you may wish to put on your blog.

Thank you for your fantastic detection work and exposing the spin.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well...there we are! The complete story and no photoshopping of politicians involved! It's true that this will be a great bit of press for the conservatives and please don't all comment to say that they have only cleared it up because of the publicity, since April 2004, 23300 instances of graffiti have been removed from buildings and street furniture in Bromley, this isn't a one off.

Oh and I feel I should mention two other things:

1. Those of you who were slightly worried by the comments by a Dave II of Swanley asking me out for drinks, they were not posted by some internet wierdo but my boyfriend who has a wierd sense of humour and has been told off for scaring me.

2. This blog was not set up to air my political opinions, most of the time it will be full of me talking about the random things I get up to at Uni etc. so please don't be disappointed if you check back to find that I have done nothing but talk about sea mice for a month! I have enjoyed my meander into politics however and who knows, maybe I will be a bit more political in future posts!