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Monday, January 29, 2007


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I am one of those people who really likes to play a good old practical joke (as long as nobody returns the favour) but this has to be one of the best this year!
I arrived home last week to find a heated discussion in progress on the problems of evil pants! Evil pants (as many of you will know) are those which are not produced organically. As soon as Becky left the house we realised that something must be done to save her from herself!
Emily and I journeyed up the stairs and entered Becky's room where she was yet to unpack after the christmas break. Rummaging through her suitcases and cupboard we managed to successfully extract all the evil pants in sight leaving a sign to demonstrate that our actions had been for her own good.

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Becky's pants were placed in a plastic bag in the cupboard in our living room cunningly hidden with all the other bags!

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After a few days during which Becky had to do a lot of underwear washing I decided that it was time to turn the tables... I returned the pants to Becky but kept the fact from Emily. The house was informed of the situation and part b of the plan put into action!!

Becky spent the next few days complaining about her lack of undergarments and looking traumatised!

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Meanwhile we removed a large number of plastic bags from the cupboard and readied ourselves for the big day - 29th January 2007...

I persuade Emily that the time has come to reveal the location of the pants, we plan to artistically strew them across the living room whilst Becky is upstairs (Becky uses this chance to hide her pants in case Emily comes to check). Upon opening the cupboard Jess (acting) and Emily are shocked to see that the bags have gone!

Emily: where are the bags?
Una: Oh, don't worry I took them to Tesco's to recycle them.
Emily: what?
Una: you know, the thing outside where you recycle the bags
Emily: no not where... when did you do that?
Una: um.. well what' today, monday? So that would have been friday?
Jess and Emily exchange worried glances
Becky (entering): What's going on?
Emily: Shall I tell her...proceeds to explain the whole thing!

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Anyway.. after much fantastic acting on the part of the housemates Becky runs from the room in tears only to return brandishing her "only two pairs" of underwear. After a bit more discussion and offers from Emily to rush immediately to Tesco's and make enquiries Becky leaves again returning amid much excitement with all her pants!

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All in all... a classic prank all round!