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Monday, February 21, 2005

Valentine's Day

It would appear that everyone else (well not everyone but some people) have posted about what happened to them on Valentine's Day..here is what happened to me.

At about 1o'clock in the morning I boarded my plane home from Madagascar!!!
Yes...I am finally home!

I arrived back in England at around half 12 GMT where it was freezing as I only had flip flops to wear!!! I have now been home for a week and enjoyed the wonders of a bung party at Mark's house ( no this is not some wierd event...bung is the latest word for cool) and a 24 hour famine..well the meal at the end of it anyway!


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just to say...

....I am safe and back in Tulear. My bag had arrived by the time the flash flood hit so I did get one go in my hammock before the tree it was on was uprooted and swept downriver, I did manage to eat my cadburys bar and the cuppa soups came in very handy when we were stuck on a hill for a few days waiting for the water to go down. I am also one of the people who has their passport and bag although it has been temporarily left in a village. I will leave it to my dad to give you more details than that...never let it be said that my blog is dull! He he..oh bother I should have said 'I haven't blogged in ages'...I should mention that I did manage to see a lot of wildlife whilst I was in the forest including ring-tailed lemurs, a tenrec and lots of reptiles. I did not however see Ant and Dec! Shocking! Keep checking the blog for updates.