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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Ball

So...I'm sitting at my Dad's desk at work having just discovered that my blog is in his favourites list aawww! I am soon to go up to London to buy last minute ball stuff for Thursday. Yesterday I bought my shoes and necklace and today I need to get a bag!

The most exciting news is that a group of us are now going to the ball in...wait for it...A LIMO! Stretch (white) limo, J-shaped seating, CD player, bar and a complimentary MAGNUM of champagne woohooo!!!!

Oh the excitement, makes me very happy even after a thrilling morning of mail outs and photocopying!

I finished my A-levels last Friday but I'm still going into School almost everyday for rehearsals and stuff. I have 3 on Wednesday alone and then on thursday there are rehearsals 9-12.50!! Going to be crazy as I will have to get back to Bromley, get my hair done AND get changed and back to Dulwich for 6.00! (wish me luck!)

CONGRATULATIONS to Chris on passing his theory test!
See you all soon
Jess x

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Monty Hall Problem

So..sitting at school with Sarah in the library, we're both blogging..which is kinda sad but hey! The title of the post is a bit random I know but we've just been discussing the mind-blowiingness of the monty hall problem which involves being on a game show with 3 doors and you have to guess which one the prize is behind...etc etc...can't be bothered right now...google it if you really care.

I have just completed 2 biology exams, central concepts and unifying concepts (silly names) which weren't half as bad as I'd expected them to be so I'm very chuffed. Only 4 more exams to go..sadly 3 of them are on Friday and I really don't have a clue about them...I have to revise all of philosophy and the rest of biology by Friday (eek).

I went to another great Youth Service at St Johns West Wickham on Sunday about Belonging...the highlight would have to be the drama which had me in stitches. Sadly my attempts to create a mosh pit failed miserably but oh well :( SOooo...yeah, that's about it really...except to say...we won the football HUZZAH!!!

Jess x

The Geek Test

It had to be done...Jess has taken the geek test and shockingly has only scored


which means I am a geek but thats it! I thought I should have got extra points for being able to tick the box - I play...the accordion. I mean..there's not that many people who can tick that right?

Ah well, should be grateful that I'm not more geeky :)


Friday, June 18, 2004

Bouncing bouncing bouncing

Woohooooooo only like 9 weeks till Soul in the City and Adventuretime and all that sort of stuff, I was out prayer walking some of the project sites this evening after a busy afternoon playing snooker and painting large flats white (not blocks of flats, like big bits of scenery ). It was so exciting, and it made me realise...for those of you who don't know me I am a very bouncy person..I've been bouncing about SITC for like a whole year, and God has known about it for ever so he must have been bouncing for like millennia!!!!!! WOO HOO!

Chris...stop laughing at me! By the way if you don't know about sitc look at Chris' blog

http://www.chrisstewart.blogspot.com for a brilliant explanation or go straight to http://www.soulinthecity.co.uk/

That is like the coolest thing!

I did my geography exam this morning (human)...it was great, I'd done 2 of the questions as practice essays so I felt very happy with my performance! Had a wierd dream the night before that I missed the exam because I was at London Zoo having breakfast (toast if you're interested) with the reptile keepers..it was really mad..but luckily I only missed 30 minute (a third) of the exam! CRAZY....don't you hate it when you dream something that is really realistic but then nobody understands what you are talking about...cos it was a dream.

Ho humm....showing signs that I should be asleep 'oh dear'


Thursday, June 17, 2004


I am not a keen watcher of football and I was in a piano lesson today from 6.30 till 7.00 however, I have heard that we won a match today and that we have the best defence in the world...the best thing about football however is comments like this:

The English are now officially better lovers than the French… they can stay on top for 90 minutes and still come second!

He he he...made me laugh anyway

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

2 down...loads to go!

So... I've done two exams (thrillsville - love saying that - bother look really sad now)my retake of AS-level Ethics yesterday and my A-level physical geography paper today...so...

Ethics - well, last year I got an E for this paper so I figure I can't do much worse can I..?? Well there was a question on an ethical theory we hadn't been taught..so I had to make that up..my theory basically doing what ever you preferred...not so good!

Physical Geography - Aaargh...I don't like physical geography and I managed to forget everything I had revised within 2 minutes of entering the room...I have no idea what I wrote...but I drew pretty pictures so who cares!

Huzzah, no more exams till Friday..thats ages away..so great!


More news...

I may be getting another brilliantly paid job (go me) working up at the US Ambassadors residence for their independance day celebrations..I'll basically be yelling at musicians and running around putting up stands..something I have done for 7 years at JAGS and not been given a penny for..and I'm gonna get like £100!

I went to my first ever hen night on Saturday (well not mine, my aunts)... we didn't get very drunk which was suprising but we did go to see Fame which was still a truely terrible production and then went for dinner. four of us ended up in McDonalds quite late at night but that was because we were slightly tipsy on free cheap champagne and the lure of McFlurries was just too great. Has anyone else noticed that the McDs near Charing Cross NEVER has any of the rolos to go in their rolo mc flurries...I'm not amused by that..I still haven't been able to try one!

Umm...so yeah, that's about it really.
Jess x

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Fear of....revision??

So..its like 11.41 and I've only just got up and I still haven't started revising (or got out of my pyjamas)!! After a couple of interesting conversations over the last couple of days, I decided to search for what my phobia is actually called...I'm scared of windows!

Doing a search for phobias is great...there are loads of them!

Blennophobia: Fear of slime

Anthropophobia: Fear of meeting people or society - I have that one too!

Aibohphobia: Fear of palindromes

Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

Caligynephobia: Fear of beautiful women.

Homilophobia: Fear of sermons

Ichthyophobia: Fear of fish

Linonophobia: Fear of string

Musicophobia: Fear of music

Parthenophobia: Fear of virgins

Philosophobia: Fear of philosophy - he he he

Russophobia: Fear of Russians

BUT - I couldn't find my phobia!!! - The Search is on..I figured it should be fenestraphobia but if anyone finds out the truth...let me know!

Jess x

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Jess' Job

Excitement...I have managed to get myself a brilliantly well paid job...I'm working for the exam board!!!!

No kidding! - I spent 2 hours this morning being a 'checker' which is basically making sure an exmainer correctly added up the marks and then transferred these to the other sheets correctly. I did a couple of hundred papers. I'm doing another couple of hundred next week and I get £80 for like 3 hours work!!!!!! Woohoooo!

Aah well, 6 minutes till I must return to revision! (BIOLOGY)

Jess x

Monday, June 07, 2004

Venus and Jogging

Well, if the title hasn't put you off (which is very impressive) I will now attempt to explain it...although this is difficult as I have blobs infront of my eyes....what they say about not looking straight at the sun...good idea!

So...today, the sun and venus are doing something or other and crossing over, and this only happens like really rarely...so why do we only have to wait 8 years for the next one?? Anyway..its very important as it means we can tell how far away the sun is...if in 8 years it is closer...start panicking!!!!!!!

If you want to know the science stuff I'm sure Sarah and Bod will have thrilling details on their blogs!

A couple of days ago I became fascinated with the idea of jogging...it sounded brilliant...I could explore areas of Bromley (another strange hobby of mine.) pray and jog to a pounding rythmn...dunno the idea of jogging is just sooo cool!! Well today I started..I made it about 10 metres before I realised that I don't actually like jogging...I like walking....It is a brilliant thing to do!

I then 'jogged' all the way to shortlands, through 2 parks and ended at Bromley South in time for buying an iced finger (breakfast..mmm), persuading the nice station men to give me a metro (HUZZAH) and meeting Chris. I spent the next half hour down at CCC making tea for everyone.

Came home, finished the crossword in about 10 minutes (woo!) and have not really done anything since...Aristotle..why are you so dull!!!!!!!!

One exciting thing happened...Mrs Harper phoned me..I have been asked to sing at a concert in 2 weeks time...this time I am singing with JCS (large adult choir) and singing ALL 4 of the Holst Songs for Voice and Violin...woohoo...

if anyone has ideas for a biography...

so..here we are...I'm being requested for concerts...fame and fortune beckons!!!


Ooh..going for Chinese tonight and it is like only a month and a few weeks till SOUL IN THE CITY...and only 2 months till I am 18 (YES YES YES)...everybody has been putting birthdays down on their blogs...my birthday is going to be a turning point in my life (no really)...I'm very excited..(advanced warning 13th August - hint hint..Sarah do you know me well enough to get me a card?)


Jess x

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Carmen and other exciting stuff (ish)

I have a question..why does writing online force me to talk in an upper class accent?? Please post a comment if you suffer from a similiar ailment!

Last night I went to the opera to see Carmen. This was a strictly work related outing as I am playing it in Orchestra and therefore needed to hear my part played by proffessionals and compare their playing with my own. Slightly different I must admit but I do feel my arrangement of it does work better!!!

Today has not been quite so thrilling, I went to Bromley for High Street praise (singing with my church in the the middle of Bromley ) and then went shopping where I bought a new bag (huzzah) from the same lady who sold me my green catty bag! I then met Chris and we went in search of shoes (for Chris) and NOWHERE had the ones we liked in his size so we gave up and I came home to revise.

It is terrible...my life is full of revision and far too dull to make it worth posting anything on my blog

Jess x

ps. It would be cool to know who actually reads this. Would you like to let me know if you are...could be quite fun..could be paedophiles but hey we'll see!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Morning everybody,

Having a not very good day so far and its only 10.42 which is why I am blogging and not revising. At about 9.40 I decided that I should really get up due to the fact that revision starts at 10...suddenly at 9.50 (yes I was still in bed) the doorbell rings and I am forced to run downstairs, grabbing some respectable clothes as I go. I had forgotten that Angie was returning our hutch (after the guinea pigs outing to Ready Steady Go) and was forced to run around in my road in a pyjamas and jean combination!!!!

By the time I had actually got dressed and made myself a coffee and watched the latest episode of weebl and bob (a triumph!!!) I gave up on revising and sat down at the computer...I've been here for ages!!!


Ah well, sorry my posts aren't as thrilling as Sarah's..i've only ever been on 3 dates (i think)and they were all with the same bloke and I got dumped after one of them (a first date)...aaw the sorry state of my love life! He he he



Excitement...having just returned from Kingdom First, a brilliant evening full of fig trees and a fab re-present on worship :) I have returned home to discover that I'm in loads of articles on the web:


10:30 - 01 June 2004

The reaction was similar after another Holst rarity, Four Songs for Voice and Violin, in which soloists Jessica Ann Jenner, Lucy Bingham and Elizabeth Thompson captured the purity of the music. Later, the girls joined the Charlton Kings Choral Society in The Hymn of Jesus, an intense work which fuses Christian musical traditions with Eastern mysticism.

This was from The Citizen a paper in Cheltenham AND I am also mentioned on the JAGS website:

A specially created choir from JAGS travelled to Cheltenham at Half Term to form the semi chorus for Holst's Hymn of Jesus. We were guests of John Wright, Director of Music of All Saints’ Church, and of Charlton Kings’ Choral Society. In addition to the Hymn of Jesus the choir also sang the round from The Perfect Fool and the 4 Songs for Voice and Violin by Holst. Jessica-Ann Jenner and Lucy Bingham were the soloists and Elizabeth Thompson played the violin. The audience was full of praise for the beauty of our choral sound and for our overall contribution to a very successful concert.

All in all a very successful day :) I am famous throughout England!!!



Have just realised that clock was wrong on blog anyway...


Shocking...having only owned this blog for a few hours it is already under attack...

a) Sarah has already started up her own blog for reasons which are not half as reasonable as mine.

b) Sarah has been telling people about my blog...

NB. This is a very private blog! I have only informed a limited number of people about said blog with the intent that it should remain secret. Why? Because certain people should not know about it.

Richard - thanks for telling him Sarah...I'm not amused and now have to cope with his comments on my blog as well as having to restrain from insulting him (even though he does it to me on his blog!)

Chris - another good reason for not letting Richard know about this...Chris will now think I'm sadder than ever (sorry my dear - when you read this - I love you x)

Umm...My Dad - who will also laugh heartily!

SO...now that thanks to SARAH 2/3rds of those probably know...I shall return to typing up the words for the worship at Kingdom First tonight!


Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I thought I would let you all know my general revision timetable so people like Sarah will know when they may or may not phone me. Anyone who knows me will understand that I am obsessively organised and that therefore I will not appreciate people who phone me at the wrong times :)

10-11.30 Revision

11.30-12 BREAK (elevenses)

12-1.30 Revision


2-3.30 Revision

3.30-4 BREAK

4-5.30 Revision

5.30-6 BREAK

6-7.30 Revision

And yes...I realise that I am posting this blog when I should be revising...but oh well...have to go now..


First Blog Ever

So here we are, Jess' first blog ever, is this a rather sad thing to be doing?? Probably. However, I don't particularly care...I am entering a future full of boring days of revision, exams and eventually the wonders of a gap year and University (fingers crossed) and this does seem a brilliant way of keeping all my friends up to date with my life without having to send e-mails and rely on hotmail (silly thing won't let me send attachments)to keep in touch.

There we are..I feel it is necessary to make the point first off that this blog is in no way an attempt to beat Richard in anyway...it is highly unlikely that Sarah will read my blog as much as she reads his anyway! He heee

Here we go then...let the blogging begin!