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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Latest Instalment

This just in from Madagascar. Flash floods have meant that the camp in the Gallery Forest has had to be abandoned. Most of the group are back in Tulear in a hotel. Guess who isn't! Jess and four others are in a village somewhere and won't get out to a hotel for a couple of days. Some people (we don't know who yet) have lost their luggage during the floods - including passports! The British High Commission are already working on sorting out replacements. Whether Jess is one of these we can't say as details are very sketchy at present. But wouldn't it be ironic if Jess had just managed to just get her luggage only to lose it in a flood. The insurance company are going to have a field day with this one.

It does mean that hopefully in the next couple of days once Jess makes it out to Tulear there will be some email contact and we can let you all know exactly what has happened.

Look out for the next exciting episode of "Jess in the Jungle"

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Luggage Update

Since hearing that Jess's luggage had gone AWOL we had had umpteen calls to a certain national French airline trying to discover what (if anything) was happening. Last Friday at 11.10pm we found a card on our doormat saying that a baggage handling company had tried to deliver the rucksack back to us. We got in touch with them to arrange for it to be sent to Madagascar. On the following Monday Air France still couldn't say where it was or when it might arrive. The following evening we got an e-mail from Frontier in Madagascar to say it had arrived! The only problem now is waiting for them to send a vehicle out to camp which only happens every 2 weeks - but at least we know where it is now.

As soon as we get any news from Jess I'll let you know.

Monday, January 10, 2005

JAJ in Madagascar

This is the first message received from JAJ in the southern hemisphere. Only the spellings have been changed to protect the guilty.

Greetings from Madagascar where the keyboards are laid out totally differently!!! Here`s a first update to send out about me!! I have arrived safely and made the two day journey to Tulear by bus! Madagascar is amazing, I`ve seen paddy fields, post glacial landscapes, rainforest, wide-open plains, shanty towns and the sea :) The only problem so far is that I haven`t seen my luggage!! I will find out tonight whether they have found it but may have to make do with what I can buy or borrow for the first couple of weeks until someone returns to Tulear to restock! It is very very hot out here although we`ve seen a fair bit of rain and yesterday an amazing storm on the horizon and later on top of us! The bus leaked and lots of the bags on the roof were soaked...obviously not a problem for me!! The team on my expedition seem really nice especially Puppy the dog who I met today and who will be coming with us on Weds into the forest. The area we will be in is called Gallery Forest and apparently is full of beautiful lagoons and troops of ring-tailed lemurs, they say we should seem them almost every day!

I'm in madagascar

dear all just to say i have arrived saely sans luggaga and that all future updates will be written by my daddy...enjoy x

Thursday, January 06, 2005


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, today is my last day in England for 3 months...so I won't see any of you till April because in the early hours of tomorrow I will be flying to Madagascar!!!! Obviously I will blog even less when I am in the jungle...no internet access but don't worry, there are millions of other blogs to read and it is impossible to kill a neopet so my internet world will not collapse in my absence.

Those of you who have my address out there..don't forget to write and send chocolate...and I'll see you all in April.

Must go last minute shopping now